Project Reference

Pumping System Assessments – Local

Arcelor Mittal, Saldanha (Steel Mill)

  • List 3 projects and their savings

Mondi, Merebank, KZN (Paper Plant)

  • Clarified Effluent Pumps,
    • Replace pump, 536 MWh savings (65%)
  • White Water to Saveall
    • Trim impeller, 380 MWh (44%)

Pumping System Assessments – International

Bangkok Iron and Steel Works, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Optimise BRM cooling pump system and WRM quenching line

Steel Asia Manufacturing Plant, Bulacan, Philippines

  • Tempcore cooling water pumps
    • Switch off small pump
    • Optimise pumping system
    • 1,250 MW.h
  • Mill pump
    • Refurbish pumps, 350 MW.h

Engtex Ductile Iron Pipe Industries, Kuantan, Malaysia

  • Casting machine cooling
  • Furnace cooling system

Proton Casting Plant, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Condenser, cooling towers
  • Compressor cooling
  • Industrial water pumps supply

Lopez Sugar Corp, Negros, Philippines

  • Cooling Water Pumps
  • Raw Water Supply Pumps
  • Raw house cooling water pumps

BISCOM Sugar Plant, Negros Occ, Philippines

  • Injection Cooling Water Pump
  • Cooling Tower Transfer Pump

San Miguel Yamamura Brewery, Philippines

  • MPP Water Cooling System
  • MPP Water Cooling System

CADP Steel Plant, Nasugbu, Philippines

  • Hot Water Spray Pump
  • Return water pumps
  • All plant cooling water pumps

Water Districts, Philippines

  • Manila Water, Manilaid
  • Santa Cruz, Laguna, TreceMartirez, Dasmarinas, Tagatay
  • Excessive system pressure, VSD set point too high
  • Excessive throttling when demand is low
  • Reduce non-revenue water
  • Backwashing at preset intervals
  • Dropping water level, pumps running at incorrect duty

Transco, Abu Dhabi